DIY tutorial: How to make a dance outfit using only sequin elastic

Updated: May 20

Who says you can't sparkle on a budget? Create your own dance attire with an upcycled vest and hotpants. All you need is sequin elastic - how cheap is that!?

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This might come as a bit of a shock to some of you, but I'm actually a massive pole dancing addict! Yes, it's true - aside from crafting, pole is life and I can't get enough of it. Problem is, I always struggle to find budget friendly outfits, especially when it comes to competition dancewear. Not to mention that I never actually find anything that quite matches up to the image of the piece that I want in my head - how annoying (sigh).

I'm currently living abroad and I don't have the luxury of my craft studio equipment, so all I have is a simple portable / travel sewing machine that I got on amazon for about $30. But seeing as I'm also a DIY freak, I decided to try making a few of my own easy-peasy dance outfits with what I have at my disposal.

My inspiration was my new pair of rose gold platform shoes that I absolutely adore, but sadly none of my outfits matched them.

To make this outfit, I upcycled an old vest that I've had for ages - but to be honest it was originally really cheap to begin with - and I bought a spool of rose gold sequin elastic for a few dollars from amazon to match the shoes. I made a garter with the elastic so you can put it over any booty shorts you like to save hassle when washing.

I hope you enjoy it :)


Tip #1 - Find a suitable vest

Make sure the material of your vest is thick enough so that it doesn't look see-through (especially if you plan on wearing it under lights on stage!)

Tip #2 - Be aware of the fabric

When choosing a vest, be aware of its fabric and potential for fraying. Opt for a simple cotton vest that you can cut easily without worrying about fraying.

Tip #3 - Opt for bold contrast

This design looks best when the vest is a simple block color and the sequins are dramatically contrasted.


Step #1 - Cut your vest

Cut your vest into a bralette. Don't fret about being overly precise here in terms of taking measurements. Instead, make it easy for yourself.

Try the vest on and mark out where you want the elastic to be. Make sure you stand up straight. Take the vest off and cut it to your desired length. Give yourself a bit of ease in case you judged it a bit wrong - you can always cut a bit more off or do a bigger hem!

Step #2 - Hem the vest

Fold a hemline in your vest, secure with pins and press with an iron. Use a sewing machine or sew the hem by hand.

NB: This is optional - you can skip this if you're 100% confident that the fabric won't not fray.

Step #3 - Prepare the elastic sequins

Try on the elastic by pulling it around you for size or alternatively measure your bust (or wherever you want the main sequin band to sit). Cut a strip of elastic a few inches smaller than your bust - make sure it's pulled taught when closed so that it holds the top in place when worn.

Cut another 2x pieces of elastic roughly the same, but with a little bit more ease (these can be an inch or two longer than the main band). Secure each strip closed to form two bands.

Step #4 - Attach the elastic sequins to the vest

Pin the main elastic band in place around the hem. Make sure that it's evenly stretched around the hem to avoid any puckering of the top. Sew on to attach.

Take the 2x elastic bands and sew on to each side of the vest to attach.

Fasten off, secure and trim any loose ends.


Step #1 - Take your measurements

Measure your waist and thighs. Take an approximate measurement of the distance between the waistband and thigh bands.

Step #2 - Prepare the waist and thigh bands

Cut three pieces of elastic: 1x piece for the waistband and 2x pieces for the thigh bands. You can cut slightly shorter than your measurements as it's important that the bands are pulled taught when worn to hold the shape of the garter in place.

Pull the strip of elastic for the waistband around your waist until it's taught and at the desired level of tightness. Pin it, take it off and sew closed. Do the same thing with the thigh bands.

Step #3 - Prepare the sides

Put the waistband and thigh bands on where you want them to sit.

Cut 4x pieces of elastic each roughly the length of the distance between the waist and thigh bands.

Take 2x of these pieces and place in an X. Sew a stitch in the centre of the X to hold the pieces together. Do the same with the other 2x pieces. You now hand two X shapes created with 4x pieces of elastic.

Step #4 - Assemble the garter

Pin each X to the waist and thigh bands, positioned at the sides of the hips. Make sure that you pull the elastic taught enough to hold the shape, but not too taught that it pulls when worn.

Pin it, take it off and sew to fasten.

Fasten off, secure and trim any loose ends.

Thank you!

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Enjoy your new outfit and keep on dancing!

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