About Taylor-Made Crafts NI

Welcome to Taylor-Made Crafts NI

My name is Taylor and I’ve had a passion for crafting since I was a little girl, but I lost my way during my teenage years (after all, who doesn’t!) 

After a long hiatus from crafting with only a few bits and bobs created here and there, I decided to revamp a garden shed into my very own craft studio. This is where the magic happens! I get so much enjoyment from crafting – nothing beats that rewarding feeling when you create something special with your own hands.

In these trying times during what seems to be never-ending post-covid lockdowns, I thought to myself: “everyone deserves this special feeling, and if not now with all of this spare time at home, then when!?”

I also noticed that it was really difficult to find patterns that I actually wanted to do, with most being very traditional – “where’s all the cool stuff?”  

…and so Taylor-Made crafts was born…

I hope my little shop helps you enjoy crafting something special for you or someone else to treasure. If you are struggling to find what you’re looking for, please get in touch and I’ll see what I can do. 

Thank you for visiting. Your support is greatly appreciated. Without you, my little shop wouldn’t be possible!